History of Service

Alliance Programs for our 151st year.  Here is a recap of the programs presented to The Alliance during our program year.

Last year's "gotta go there" shot

Oregon Field Guide's  Steve Amen has Valhalla1covered many aspects of the State. For this pro a heretofore unknown slot canyon in a remote part of Oregon. This canyon, nicknamed “Valhalla” was presented on Oregon Field Guide in early February.

IMG 3821

Table Decorations Donated to 13 Salmon Shelter

Canned goods used to decorate tables at our November luncheon were collected by your Leadership Team and donated to help keep the 13 Salmon Shelter running.

Greens Sale Proceeds Help Fund Agency Awards

The record-setting proceeds from the December Greens Sale have provided funding for a number of local non-profit agencies that serve needy Portland residents. Our Allocations Committee (Linda Rockwell, Chair, Corbett Gordon, Judith Ann Scott) made the following awards, announcing them at our February meeting.


Program Focus

Proposed by:

Girl Scouts Behind Bars  $600

Inmate mothers conduct Girl Scout activities for daughters

Jean Omelchuck

PHFS - 13 Salmon       $500

$500 for medical supplies, OTC remedies

Judith Scott

Alder School Montessori  $350

Materials for listening center of dream school

Ellen Howard

Arbor Glen Learning Community  $300

For field trips, family feast, cab fare for parents to school

Cheryl Lutz

Oregon Outreach - McCoy Academy   $1500

Two laptop computers compatible with state testing programs for alternate high school

Linda Popkin

Eastside Villages          $300

Double sided printer, new router for computer

Ellen Howa

Clay Street Table          $350

Support for food, groceries, utilities

Cynthia Yee

PHFS                          $1100

Support field trips when school is not in session for children at 13 Salmon

Cheryl Lutz

A very emphatic footnote: The Alliance extends its thanks to all who bought greens, treasures and baked goods. Your support every year makes possible the work which creates a beloved community. Just for support of local non-profits, this comes to more than $5000!

Spectacular Gingerbread House was Greens Sale Attraction. GBHouseBM

2014 Alliance Luncheon Chair and 2015-17 Co-President, Barbara Morrison, is shown here with the amazingly accurate rendition she did of our church using gingerbread, icing and candy for last year's Greens Sale. From steeple to famous UU gravestones in the churchyard, the church took over 20 hours to sculpt. This year, the Greens sale also featured a gingerbread house in a raffle.

We were grateful to have the help of several of our youth group who assisted with decoration and other tasks just suited to their youth and enthusiasm.

The Alliance lives its history forward. Today as much as ever, it is successful if it finds and funds needs that lift our church toward greater health and success. Auction projects at First Unitarian have made our job that much easier, and we look forward to similar positive impact in coming years.

Alliance Sponsors “Extending Our Welcome” Church Auction

We’re working on a new face! First Unitarian’s Auction Committee leader have created a project that improves the church image that greets members, visitors and passers-by! What a totally apt effort as we gear up to celebrate 150 years of ministry to the Portland community! What’s notable is that your Leadership Team voted to provide sponsoring support to the auction — a $1000 leadership gift for the third straight year.

Honoring Our Members

The Alliance History Committee, holds teas periodically in our lovely Channing Room to  honor some  long-time Alliance members.  It was a rich experience bringing Alliance friends together who have not perhaps had a chance to see each other for a while.  They were once the active members of the leadership team and various committees, who gave their time and energy to the Alliance.  It was a time of visiting, catching up with friends and helping our history committee to learn more of our recent past.  We plan on having more small teas and gatherings to honor members and to enrich our historical knowledge.  -- Judith Scott


In November,
2013, these teas were designated the Helen Lee Historical Teas in honor of Helen Lee, an active leader and Alliance contributor for more than three decades.

Alliance Leaders Welcome New Members:

In February, our Officers recognized new members at a luncheon hosted in the Channing Room. The gathering invited 12 of our newer members, some of whom have been church members for a long time. The purpose was to explain the Alliance; its mission, vision and core values; and some recent history to those wanting a closer connection to our work in the church. This luncheon helps new members feel welcomed and respected for the talents and experience they bring. More new member events are being planned for later in the year. Check this webpage often for updates. Contact Petie Padden.

holiday-piesA WORD ABOUT PIES ….

The First Unitarian Auction Committee  again asked Alliance members to bake pies for this year's auction. Pies are a hallmark presence at the auction, annually bringing in more than $1000 to benefit the church.  This year, Alliance pies brought in more than $1400 to the event. The Leadership Team also voted for the third year in a row to donate $1000 to the auction as a sponsor.