Our Programs

First Church offers a wide variety of programs for all ages. Since we are a large church, everyone is encouraged to join a small group, class, or program. This is the best way to deepen your connection to the community, and to get to know others in a personal way. Look particularly for a program that nourishes your spirit, helps you grow, and enriches your experience.

Religious Education for children and youth begins the path to lifelong spiritual growth.

Adult Programs offer a rich variety of opportunities for life-long learning and community-building.

Music & Arts Program encourages youth and adults to share the joy of musical expression in many forms.

Social Justice Program helps turn passions into real change for our community and world.

Membership Program offers a path for visitors and newcomers to become deeply committed members.

The Alliance provides fellowship, life long learning and spiritual growth for its members as well as service to the church.

Volunteer opportunities abound and are the lifeblood of our community. Everyone helps in some way.

The First Unitarian Church Covenant