Auction 2016 | Creating Connections


LogoF2C2016-page-001"Extending Warmth! Making it Cool!"


View the pdf2016 Auction Catalog!

We are READY TO GO! Your wonderful donations are in and we are starting our fourth year of building community.  This year the funds will go to repairing the heating and putting in a cooling system in the older classrooms.

Mark your calendars for Sundays, May 1, May, 8 and May 15 in the Buchan Building after each service. 

Here’s how you can participate now. Come to the Auction Table in Fuller Hall on Sunday, April 24 to register for your free bid number.  Print catalogs will be available there.  Or look for logo and find the catalog online. Then plan to browse the catalog for events, services and vacation homes that have been offered this year.  Be ready to start your bidding on May 1 and then keep checking your items the following Sundays to make sure you have not been outbid.   The auction closes on May 15 at 2:00. Bid in the spirit of generosity!      

Thanks to you we will have another successful auction.  Let the fun begin! 



2015 Auction Update:  Extending Our Welcome 

Kathy  Ludlow and Marti Yoder have been working diligently on getting the necessary permits from the city in order for us to begin work on the renovations to the exterior of the building.  The designation of the Eliot Chapel on the Historic Register has given us many more hoops to jump through.  Actually, both these ladies have had more than their share of headaches with this process.  Our fingers are crossed that we will see the workers completing their tasks by the end of May.  Thank you for your generosity at last year’s auction and for your patience as we try to complete the updates.